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Know The Advantages of Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are basically automobile wheels, which are manufactured from the alloys of magnesium and aluminum. These automobile wheels are similar to the regular automobile wheels made from steel. They have some added features, which make them better than the regular wheels. Alloy wheels have become popular since second half of the 20th century due to their lighter weight, aesthetic appeal and better performance. These wheels gained a huge success across the world, as soon as they were launched. Today, majority of the car manufacturers prefer installing wheels manufactured from alloys in the new car models.

Alloy wheels are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Different types of alloy automobile wheels available in the market today are:

Three Spoke Wheels: The three spoke automobile wheels are suitable for smaller vehicles. These slim spoked equipment became very popular when they were first introduced in the market. Today, this type of wheel has become outdated and very few people prefer using this type of wheel.

Five and Six Spoke Wheels: These are the most popular type of alloy wheels. These versatile equipment suit almost any type of automobile. These wider equipment are more suitable for large automobiles.

Twin and Multi Spoke Wheels: These types of automobile parts are suitable for sports cars and luxury cars. Installing five or six spoke wheels in your luxury car can make your car look a little simple and understated. Installing twin or multi-spoke wheels will enhance the overall look of your car. They will make it look more stylish and classy.

Alloy automobile wheels are manufactured primarily by four different processes, including low pressure casting (LPDC), gravity casting (permanent mold and sand casting), high pressure die casting (HPDC) and forging. These automobile parts have several benefits over regular steel wheels, including:

Light Weight: These automobile parts are lighter in weight as compared to the steel wheels. Installing these wheels in your vehicle reduces the unsprung mass of the vehicle. Lower unsprung mass is important for maintaining an optimum contact with the surface of the road. Reduced unsprung mass results in improved performance, better balancing, better suspension and better handling. Reduced unsprung mass also enhances the vehicle’s grip on the road and uneven terrains. Further, weight of a wheel has more importance as compared to the weight of a stationary automobile part. More energy is required to slow down or speed up a heavier wheel. Installing lighter alloy wheels will reduce the amount of energy (fuel) consumption. A lighter vehicle offers a better mileage. The alloy wheels manufactured from magnesium alloys are known as Mag-Wheels. These are one of the lightest moving automobile parts available in the market. These automobile parts are widely installed in racing cars.

Aesthetic Appeal: These automobile parts have become popular due to their intricate and shiny designs and unmatched visual appeal. These equipment can give an extraordinary makeover to your cars. Chrome alloy automobile wheels look great on dark-colored cars.
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