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The Valued Dodge Intrepid and Its ECU

The designers of the Dodge Intrepid series lived up to the name given to the vehicle. Courageous, brave and unafraid are some of the meanings of this descriptive word, and the car styling offered proof of their original and innovative concepts.

Value is a perception that is a significant and influencing factor for buyers when selecting a vehicle and the Dodge designers were well aware of this. An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) may stimulate technically minded buyers, however, for others, it is simply a system that eliminates the need for manual control and makes for more comfortable and relaxed driving. Dodge and their Intrepid combined to give the motoring public an affordable car, which gave them many advantages, for less outlay.

The car was introduced in 1993 and the style was an enlightening change. The original "cabin forward" formula produced a severely raked windshield, with short over-hangs, to the front and rear of the vehicle. The initial sculpted appearance, became more prominent in second generation production models. This innovation in design was supported by driving ease and comfort, with devices such as the ECU, adding to the already perceived value of this car. The Intrepid evolved as the division’s best selling car, on many occasions during its marketing years.

More recent Intrepid models through the years 1998 into 2004, continued with the cabin-forward theme of its predecessor. The styling however, offered was sleeker and similar in certain aspects to that of a coupe. The engine was also upgraded with two new V6 versions being introduced. The fundamental Intrepid models, offered 2.7 litre V6, 200 horsepower, with ES models also available with a 3.2 litre V6, which produced 242 hp. In 2002, Dodge elected to discard the 3.2 litre engine and replaced it with a 234 hp version of the 3.5 litre V6. The various models had an ECU with a four-speed automatic transmission. The Dodge manual-shift (Auto-Stick) feature was supplied as standard on the R/T range.

Despite the appearance of a vehicle, the average motorist is still concerned about driving comfort. This priority will include the affordability factor related to fuel economy. The Dodge Intrepid ECU is designed to provide overall control of a vehicle’s functions, in any prevailing, driving condition. The most advantageous engine and transmission operations will be determined by a variety of sensors, transmitting data to various controlling devices. The ECU processes this information which then applies actuators as required. This is aided by the degree of throttle depression and the mass-flow sensor, indicating the quantity of air flow to the engine.

The controlling device has the ability to adjust the exact timing of the spark, thereby improving fuel economy. Any knocking sound, showing a retarded or delayed timing situation, is compensated for. It is a symptom that is generally associated with the engine running at relatively low revolutions. Adding to the effectiveness of electronic control unit is the idling speed of a vehicle, also being subjected to regulation, improving overall efficiency.
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