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Using an Airbag Reset Tool

A number of drivers have seen an airbag warning indicator light on or flashing and wonder if it is safe to drive or what the problem would be. The airbag light is usually red, yellow or orange in color. And they are shaped as a deployed airbag with a person on a seat belt or it simply says SRS (supplemental restraint system), depending on models and manufacturers.

As long as the light is on, the airbag never deploys even in the event of accident. So an answer of the question above is that it is OK to drive but when you have an accident you don’t have any protection other than a seat belt.

Strictly speaking, even a seat belt won’t fully function in a clash, either. Most cars’ seat belts have a pretension system. This device tighten the seat belt to prevent a driver from being pushed forward in a clash. It also prevents a driver from sliding through the seat belt. Like an airbag, pretensioners are triggered by the impact sensors mounted on bumpers.

Sometimes, an used car have been showing the airbag light since you bought the car. In this case, the car might have had an accident and the airbag was deployed. Before putting up for sale, the airbag was replaced but the memory in an airbag module was not cleared. If that is the case you need an airbag reset tool or an airbag scan tool. You can simply reset the memory with the scan tool. If there is another problem you can’t turn off the airbag light. But with the scan tool you can see what the problem is.

Unlike engine related codes, airbag related codes are very few. Components and sensors for the airbag system are also few. Airbag system consists of airbags, impact sensor, pretensioners and a module. Most of them are easily replaced.

Maybe you should get your own an airbag reset tool. Eventually, it may be going to save your time and money a lot. Not long ago, automotive scan tools were very expensive. They were only for auto repair shops. But now they have very reasonable prices and surprisingly many features. Most of them can scan not only airbag codes but also engine codes. And the best scan tool can read ABS codes as well as engine codes and airbag codes. ABS warning indicator light is another annoying sign in the dashboard. Owning the scan tool doesn’t necessarily mean that you should repair your car for yourself. I think that knowing your car’s problem prior to going to mechanic is important.
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