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Protecting Your Car From Rust

Rust is a constant threat with cars over 4 years old. This type of damage can occur at any time and if left to fester can cost an arm and a leg to repair. Rust is usually caused when water gets trapped between and on the rubber seals that form around the car doors, wheel arches, bonnets and boots. Sometimes you can’t see the onset of rust especially if it starts to take hold on areas that are not visible to the naked eye like behind the wheel arch (which is one of the most common types of areas that rust) or if you have recently had a window replacement and behind the rubber seal of the window pane.

The best way to try and deter the onset of rust is to try and spend at least 10 minutes a week in checking the most vulnerable areas and maintaining them by cleaning the seals allowing the run off of water to be smooth. These include the wheel arches lower door sections window frames and locks/handles. Even placing grease around the seals giving you that extra barrier between the paintwork and water.

If you notice any rust starting to show you can either call in a mobile car body repair service to come to your home to have it repaired or take your car to a body shop or if you’re brave enough try and repair it yourself. Repairing a small area of rust is not as difficult as you may think as long as the rust is smaller than the size of a 5 pence piece. The process involves no spray work just a touch up kit and some rust eater.

  1. First rub back the rusted area trying to keep the scratched surface of the paint work down to a minimum.
  2. Apply the rust eater as directed on the label
  3. Use an artist brush to touch over the rusted area with the primer.
  4. Once dry touch over the primer with the paint.
  5. Once the paint has dried touch over the paint with the lacquer and leave to dry.

This technique can provide you with a good repair on the rust as long as you keep the repairable area small you probably won’t notice the repair. If you wish to have the damage repaired so it’s perfect than a mobile car body repair service or static body shop would be your answer.

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