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How to Not Scratch Your Car When Cleaning

Everyone has done it at some point, when cleaning your car you notice that there are some scratches after you clean that went there before, it must have been you who else would have done it, but how?

The riddle of the mystery scratches is easier to unravel than you may think. If there was none else involved in the cleaning of your car, and it was only you who prepared all the equipment then it must be down to the materials and products you used to clean your car with.

The best way to avoid scratches when cleaning your car is to prepare the materials properly. So for example don’t just pull out any old sponge from the garage then immediately start cleaning your car with it, you need to make sure the sponge and any other type of cleaning equipment that you are using is thoroughly cleaned first, for if not and they have debris or contaminants in them this will scratch or damage your car and then would require a car body repair, which can cost a fair amount to fix. So clean your equipment first.

Then next piece of advice would be to wash the car starting from the roof and then working your way down to the wheels. By doing this you are reducing the chance of you moving around debris on the car that you may have picked up from another area on the car, also washing the car this way keeps the flow of water and dirt running down and away from your vehicle.

Always keep your water clean. If you are cleaning your car with a bucket and sponge make sure that the water and wash solution is constantly refreshed and replenished for using the same bucket of water for the entire job can collect debris and you will end up pushing this around your vehicle resulting in numerous scratches, again resulting in a car body repair.

The last piece of advice would be to polish your car thoroughly after it has been cleaned. By doing this you are giving your vehicle that extra layer of protection from the elements and are making it harder for dirt and debris from collecting back on your cars body work. This is also a great way of maintaining your cars body work colour and appearance.

If you follow these steps laid out above then you should reduce the chance of any scratches being left on your car whilst cleaning.

All information on this article has been provided by a car body repair service in Hertfordshire by Dean Keeling and Dean Walczak.

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