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Unlock Tool for Toyota (ES-TOY48 ESTOY48 ES TOY48)

Unlock Tool for Toyota (ES-TOY48 ESTOY48 ES TOY48)

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Unlock Tool for Toyota (ES-TOY48 ESTOY48 ES TOY48)

Unlock Tool for Toyota (ES-TOY48 ESTOY48 ES TOY48)

Unlock Tool for Toyota (ES-TOY48 ESTOY48 ES TOY48)


Product Description

1.Expander(No.19)            2.Picker(No.20)


Cars Applicable: New Lexus, Toyota Camry, Toyota Reiz, Toyota Crown


Using Methods

Put expander(No.19) into the left wheel key hole until the bottom part, then put picker (No.20) into expander (No.19) to test the expander direction, to test the forefront and aftermost 2-3 holes and see whether there is any elasticity in billiards. If not, it means the direction is wrong and please change the direction;

Put picker(No.19) into clockwise slightly and turn, put the picker (No.20) into expander oblique angle point to point locking pieces, points to force a lock-time feel, which is a subject of a lock, then with the picker slightly to the point of a bunker-lock, it is ok when it has been opened to the demarcation line position, we proceeded to open the others by means of a lock and the same way as above.

When all the locking pieces have been opened completely the key-hole will be turned to (Picture 2). And it does not mean the lock is opened completely from this point of view. Because the new style Toyota locks all install with the fragments and few fragments will be locked on the cover of the key hole and the key-hole couldn't be turned normally. We let this situation slide, we just need to do as the original method (with the picker to point the lock pieces, then it is easy to be opened) (picture 3)



When you encounter the opening difficulty on frontispiece and easily-opened on inverse, first easily-opened is done, then reuse reversal of the direction and finish the open lock.

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