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Key Cylinder Reverser


Stiff Car Door
  • Stiff Car Door
  • It is capable of exerting extreme force/pressure.Please use this tool at extreme care.Over inflation may cause damage to the vehicle.The manufacturer,distributor,and dealers of this product are not responsible for use or misuse the tool.

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  • Item No. 3520038


Multi-Purpose Face Cap Tool
  • Multi-Purpose Face Cap Tool
  • Remove Auto Lock Face Caps Without Damage This is not your ordinary pair of auto cap pliers. The curved end of the jaw follows the curved outside surface of the face cap to minimize the likelihood of damaging or disfiguring the outside surface of the cap

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  • Item No. 3520051


New Downward Pick Gun
  • New Downward Pick Gun
  • The New Downward Pick Gun is perfect for locks shown to the left with pins pushing up,very common in all parts of the world

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  • Item No. 3520071


EAGLE Pistol pick
  • EAGLE Pistol pick
  • EAGLE Pistolpick is designed to easily rake open pin and disc tumbler locks.Rapid squeezing of the trigger bounces the pick meedle,raising the pins or discs to the shear line.All you add is proper tension,and the lock is open

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  • Item No. 3520072


Lighted Tension Wrench
  • Lighted Tension Wrench
  • This Lighted Tension Wrench is great for reading wafers, examining keyways for stuck wafers, removing broken keys and using as a tension wrench for picking locks. Leaves both hands free while providing great light right where you need it most.

    7 pcs in stock          Detail...

  • Item No. 3520081


Auto Locksmith Tools for Mazda


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