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DongWu-Intelligence OBDII/EOBD Car Code Scanner

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DongWu-Intelligence OBDII/EOBD Car Code Scanner



Product Brief Introduction

It reads that the code card is a dollar, the new car that advertises for just for small car and fixs factory to maintain a personnel and designs development breaks down and diagnoses tool. The product adopts colorful LCD to suggest, humanized function menu design, support the OBD& EOBD vehicle whole functions, many languages choose and LED diagnoses status designation, Turn profession for popular, consumedly raised the usability of product. At the same time, the adoption of all new product platform will make it read that the code card circulates sooner and diagnoses higher effect.


* Colorful LCD suggests that the color is gorgeous, the layer is strong

* The humanized key operates a design, convenience fast

* LED the diagnosis status indicate and quickly keep a view

* Support OBD whole functions

* Support many languages

* Support USB 2.0 quickly get stripe

* All new design, circulate speed sooner, diagnosis more efficiently


Product Function

1. Read the dynamic state data flows

2. Break down light designation

3. Is ready a status test

4. Search a congelation data

5. Read current breakdown code

6. Clearance breakdown code

7. The oxygen spreads a feeling machine examination test

8. The particular monitor system car carries a monitor test

9. Reading didn"t definitely break down code

10. Read the car carries the control of system or parts

11. Read a vehicle information

12. Read the permanence breaks down code

13. Break down code search function

14. Test a data time to put

Product Parameter

Screen: 3.1 inches, the 262 K is true color, 320*240 LCDs shows

Input electric voltage scope: 7~28V

Work electric current: The typical model is worth&the lt 100mA@s12 Vs

The typical model achievement consumes: <1.2W

The circuit links a way: Standard 16 needle OBD diagnosises connect

Work environment temperature: 0℃~55°C

Saving environment temperature: -20°C~75°C @ RH 60%

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