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ADS-HX Heavy Truck Diesel Fault Diagnostic Scanner

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ADS-HX Heavy Truck Diesel Fault Diagnostic Scanner

ADS-HX Description:

ADS-HX is a software fault diagnosis instrument for diesel electronic control system. This product is suitable for all kinds of large medium and small enterprises, automobile manufacturers, repair stations, diesel engine manufacturers, and so on. This product uses the CAN-bus technology, consistent with international standards, can be quickly and easily on a variety of electronically controlled diesel engine trucks and buses, cars, construction machinery and other diagnostic test for detection and action, provide multiple language platforms to meet the needs of different customers. Product shape fashion and generous, fine workmanship, full touch screen Tablet PC makes your work and study his own way, is your best choice for repair diesel vehicles.

Language: English

ADS-HX Features:

1. Cover major cars in the word

2. PC based, Anti copy, Can-bus

3. Compatible with all Microsoft operating system

4. 100 m wire-less and wire communication

5. On line update and mail update

6. Data recording and playing back function

7. Software update monthly and free for 2 years and after that, 50 USD every year

8 . Hardware warranty 1 year, replace and maintenance at cost price

9. Diagnostic Bosch, Delphi, Deutz, Denso system etc.

10. Software support action test, function test, such as broken cylinder test, hipot test, crush test etc.

11. Data analysis support static and dynamic mode

Physical Parameters:

Work voltage: 12V/24V

Power: 5W

Ambient temperature: -20°C-40°C

Relative humidity: <=90%

Appearance Parameters:

Size: 45*18*35cm

Weight: 6.5 kg

Color: Red and Black

Material: Aluminum

PC Requirement:

Operating system: WIN98/2000/XP


Internal memory: 512M

Recommend Reason:

1. High price-performance ratio

2. Anti copy function-security

3. Strong function-recording and playing back

4. Software update warranty-update weekly

Function Connector and Adaptor:

1. Main cable

2. USB cable

3. USB extend line

4. Cigarette cable

5. Battery clamp

6. DC12

7. DTC-T16

8. DLC-R6

9. Tablet PC

10. DLC-R9

11. DLC-R16

12. DLC-F12

13. DLC-U6



16. DLC-IVECO-30

17. DLC-IVECO-38

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