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ADS AM-BMW Motorcycle Diagnostic Scanner

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ADS AM-BMW Motorcycle Diagnostic Scanner



AM-BMW Bluetooth BMW motorcycle Scanner, It works on Android system. You no longer need a laptop and desktop to access the diagnostic information, now you can do it from the comfort of your mobile phone, tablet PC. Your Android device is now become a BMW motorcycle scanner. It also works on windows XP.

Language: English


1. MOTO-BMW covers BMW C, F, G, H, K and R series.

2. Test engine, ABS, instrument, and body system of BMW motorcycle.

3. Reading ECU version, reading fault codes, component test, data stream analysis and adjustment, etc.

4. Support Dynamic data recording and playback.

5. Online upgrade.


1. support Android, Windows XP.

2. Two diagnostic ways: Bluetooth and cable.

3. Online update.

4. One year free Software update.

Software display:





Work voltage: 12V

Ambient temperature: -20°C-40°C

Relative humidity: Less than 90%

Weight: 0.8KG


1pc × AM-BMW Interface

1pc × OBD2F - BMW 10Pin + 3Pin Cable

1pc × USB cable

1pc × POWER 12V DC

1pc × CD

1pc × Case

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